This site is dedicated to the owners (or would be owners) of the magnificent
Yamaha Tyros 5.  Probably the finest arranger workstation out there.  Yamaha
have shown that they can think outside the box and the new live audio drums are
are real bonus, so us muso's can try to capture the ultimate in "truly live" output. 
The advent of the 72 note version shows that they really do have us in mind, and
they do listen to what we are asking for!  With all new patterns, new digital sound
processors, we can now alter many variables to perfect the sound we want!
I hope you find what you are looking for on this site, and if there is something
you would like to see added, or just make a comment, then drop me a line and I
will see what I can do.  I will be adding links to various sites that offer quality
products of all descriptions, along with a review of how I got on with them.  All
the accessories listed are ones that I have personally used!
I have been playing keyboards of all descriptions for over forty years, so I hope
my experiences will perhaps inspire you to go futher with your projects, and
remember - it doesn't matter what skill level you are at, - if you enjoy what you
do, then that is all that counts. and let no-one tell you any different!
Audio Files in Multi Pads
There are many isolated vocals available now,
that can be downloaded, or simply add your own
and use them with your backing
Audio Files
I am hoping to upload some reasonably priced
vocal audio files and lead guitar breaks to this
site for downloading that you can add to your
multi pads in your own Tyros 5.  Watch this
space!  Coming real soon!
Midi Files
With midi slowly disappearing, the Tyros 5 allows
you to easily construct your own, and save
them to the hard drive.  The links page shows
some reputable sites that deliver good quality
files, not some rehashed from years ago!
Dreams can become reality!
Yamaha Tyros 5
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